All eyes will be on you, with these luscious lash treatments. Beauti-mo recommends the Lash Lift for an instant eye-opener! Here’s what Beauti-mo clients have to say:


I am really sorry but Eyelash Treatments are not available at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Eyelash lift & Tint (Perm & Colour) £39
Eyelash lift (Perm) £33
Eyelash Tint £11


Click on the images below to find out more about our revolutionary eyelash lift & tints

[one_half_last][quote] Excellent professional service at amazing prices, totally love my lashes – there’s nothing like rolling out of bed looking glam already! – Freya Blom [/quote]

[quote] Marimo is great – she’s really professional and friendly. I found the eyelash tint and lift to be really good for me. I had eyelash extensions once with someone else but they were really annoying. The tint and lift is more natural and I don’t really need to use mascara now… thank you Beauti-mo! – Emily Powell  [/quote]



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